Darrian White - Fly Fishing

Darrian White One80Out Clubhouse

Location: Athens, OH

How do you define going One80Out?

What going One80Out means to me is simply exploration for conservation. Take time along the way on your next or current adventures to help conserve the planet. Whether its creating awareness by picking up trash on a hike or collecting lost fishing line in the river, help others become aware that in order to continue exploring our beautiful Midwest, we must keep the environment healthy for future generations.

Favorite place to adventure?

The Cranberry Backcountry in West Virginia. I have been going to the Cranberry River Backcountry for about 3 years now. The river is full of trout of many species (Rainbow, Brook, Brown, Golden/Palomino) and it is always an excitement to fish out and release as many as you can of these beautiful fish. The primitive camping and hiking is also a reason why I love going here. Being in the Appalachian mountain range while hiking in the mountains and catching beautiful fish is something I will live to do for the rest of my fishing career.

The Cranberry River is also where most of my fly fishing career took off. The first time I brought my fly rod to the river, I was hooked. Picking out the perfect line and the perfect fly seems like such an art to me, and it’s all in the effort to catch something that’s just as beautiful; fish or no fish, I just wanted to keep casting and learning more about the sport.

What have you got to experience that you wish everyone has a chance to?

Taking a new adventure at least once a year. Don’t be afraid to try out a new hike, a new outdoor sport or even trying out a new coffee shop! You never know what to expect, and who knows, maybe it will be somewhere you can spend time and share with others for a lifetime!

Any other crazy facts to share?

I am working as a Fly Fishing Guide and a Wrangler in Lake George, CO for the summer, at M Lazy C Ranch! Come check it out!

Links to social media, blogs, products, etc:

 Instagram: @darriannwhite

M Lazy C Ranch: https://www.mlazyc.com/