Grant Downes - Sustainable Family Home

 Location: Magnolia, Ohio 

How do you define going One80Out?

Anytime I get a chance to get my family (3 kiddos under 10) outside for anything, whether it's playing with the neighbors, slacklining in the backyard, kayaking in the creek, or out for a hike, I feel like we've turned our day around and made it better. 

Favorite place to adventure?

Anywhere local. Here in eastern Ohio we have such a varied landscape that there's always something new or different to see, and even if we want to see something else we have great sites like the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the Hocking Hills region within an hour or two. 

What have you got to experience that you wish everyone has a chance to?

I'm a winter enthusiast, so two quick winter stories: one was snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains during a white out snowstorm, and with zero visibility it just felt like we were falling through a cloud; it was a surreal feeling and all we could do was laugh down the mountain. The other was getting my whole family out to ice skate on the canal behind our house this winter; we all had fun together for a while, and then once the kids went inside, I stayed out and skated the length of the canal several time, which was snowy, peaceful, and serene. 

Any other crazy facts to share?

I grew up on a 300 acre tree farm in eastern Ohio, and still live in that area and help on the farm when I can. I'm also a third generation agriculture graduate from The Ohio State University, where I spent 5 years playing quads (set of four drums) in The Ohio State University Marching Band. 

Links to social media, blogs, products, etc.:

You can find my personal Instagram @therealged full of family adventures and short hikes during #mylunchinthefield - 20 minute or so hikes I take during lunch break in my 9-county work territory. Also, check out Sustainable Family Home - my blog and community for helping your regular busy family help the Earth, one simple step at a time. Start with the free quiz at and keep up with @sustainablefamilyhome on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube.