Matt Paveglio

Matt Paveglio One80Out Supply The Clubhouse

Location: Eagle River, Alaska – (Formerly that state up north)

How do you define going One80Out?

Disconnecting from the grid and getting a view of this big beautiful state. Going 0ne80Out is a way to recharge my soul and be a better caregiver, Dad and husband. Never taking for granted the time we have to play outdoors!

Favorite place to adventure?

The Denali Hwy, Historic Iditarod trail, Kenai Peninsula, prince william sound and escpecially the Chugach National forrest.

What have you got to experience that you wish everyone has a chance to?

I’ve raced 2 different 300 mile dog races in Alaska and a 150miler. The Copper Basin 300 is considered the toughest 300 miles in Alaska. When we started the temperature was –30f and It took me 52 hours to finish. It was the wildest most serene scenery I’ve ever been in.

Any other crazy facts to share?

My wife Kelsey hiked 1600 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2013. Shes a real bad ass! My daughter Tietje is a Jr musher who was 2nd in the Junior worlds 3 dog class at 11yrs old. I’m trying to qualify this season for the Iditarod.

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