Mike Rudd - Hashtag 59


Location: The C Bus! aka Central Ohio

 How do you define going One80Out?

It's adventure with intent and purpose for both the enjoyment of the little as well as the big pieces of it.  It is also a dedicated purpose towards being conscious of the environment and the planet's surroundings while having fun on the adventure.

Favorite place to adventure?

Local: Hocking Hills State Park, National: Moab Utah and Estes Park Colorado, Global: Iceland and Costa Rica...until we go on a hike on the moon!

What have you got to experience that you wish everyone has a chance to?

Spending the night inside of the Grand Canyon is one of the most unbelievable experiences I believe a human being can have.  It will change your life for the better.  Guaranteed.  The other one is long road trips to outdoor adventures with people you love.  Both of us have gotten that experience throughout our lives and it just continues to fill us up and excite us. 

Any other crazy facts to share?

My buddies and I once had to hike the 12 mile Highline Loop in Glacier National Park in 4 hours to make the final shuttle of the day in the park, after hiking 10 miles earlier in the day.  The pace and pounding was so much my buddy thought he got bit by tics the next day, turns out it was burst capillaries!  He is doing fine but hasn't hiked with me lately :).

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