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Tenacious Tiffany 614 One80Out Clubhouse

Location: Columbus, Ohio (Home town, Home base for life!!)

How do you define going One80Out?

I love taking off on a spontaneous whim to places I've never been before. That is not always possible, so for me the adventure is in the everyday.

Favorite place to adventure? 

Currently Colorado! Specifically the San Luis Valley. I love exploring the mountains, soaking in the hot springs, and experiencing the crazy climate/temperature  changes. The sunsets and sunrises are some of the most beautiful skies I have ever seen.

What have you got to experience that you wish everyone has a chance to? 

I have been fortunate for the places I have been and experiences I have had exploring life.  So many more things to see and places to go! Being on the road in general is my happy place. I enjoy driving and finding random camping/lodging along the way. Also just fine sleeping in whatever we are driving! If I was to name a few adventures that stick with me I would suggest visiting the following:  

1. Mt. Rainier in Washington.  I suggest the Paradise area. Get there in the evening and watch the sun go down from roughly 5,400 feet and get up the next day for an eye opening hike. That mountain changed my life.  

2. Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. The Big Four Ice Caves and exploring Beckler River a must! There are many campgrounds through out, I recommend checking out Turlo Campground and exploring the North Cascade Loop!

3. Oregon- The whole thing! Explore it all!! Seal Rock, Cape Flattery and Cape Disappointment are not disappointing stops!!  Be careful if you stop and explore the shores at Devil's Churn!  The ocean on this side of the world is way less forgiving.  It will swallow you and not think twice.  You will die if you are not paying attention to what you are doing.

4. Salt Flats- Utah.  Not only going there, but waking up to watch the sunrise over the flats before going out to explore them.  It almost feels like what I imagine the moon to be like.  Make sure to take your car off the road and experience a little fun. Respectfully, don't get crazy! You don't have to have a fast car to enjoy the thrill of driving on top of a landscape that used to be a lake.  

4. Thermopolis, Wyoming - know as the "Hot City" because of all the hot springs in the area. One specifically out of all of them that you have to soak in is the healing waters at Hot Springs State Park Bath House.  History has it, that Chief Washakie, leader of the Shoshone people signed a treaty in 1896, stating that this hot springs remain accessible to the general public, for free.   Let that soak in.

5. Blue Lake State Park, New Mexico- I have never experienced shortness of breath, here I was struggling!! It amazing how we take the most simplest thins for granted, here you will not. Its beautiful and the feeling you get here is one that I have never felt anywhere that I have ever been.  It just opened my eyes even wider to the fact that our planet is the one actually in control, not us.

Any other crazy facts to share? 

The Orca Whale is actually a dolphin, and the largest member of the dolphin family. You're welcome :)

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